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BadBlue XSS/Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities

by Nikola Strahija on November 25th, 2002 BadBlue is a P2P/Web server offered for Microsoft Windows operating systems by Working Resources. It has a bad security record -- file disclosure, remote administration, denials of service, buffer overflows, directory traversals, and more cross-site scripting flaws than I care to count. We can add information disclosure to that list, and add a new XSS hole to the count.

* soinfo.php - Massive Information Leak

If running with PHP enabled, the BadBlue server's default soinfo.php script
can be made to cough up substantial amounts of information, including ODBC

-- soinfo.php --
-- soinfo.php --

Yielding this data to an attacker, in combination with access to the
database allows for a compromise of the database.

* Cross-Site Scripting in ext.dll Search Page -- Again

It was discovered another flaw in BadBlue's search engine allowing for
cross-site scripting:

')" style="left:expression(eval('alert(document.cookie)'))">

Either of these two queries will execute the alert(document.cookie) command.

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