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Avaya's Service Restricts Hackers

by platon on July 3rd, 2001 Networking solutions and services provider Avaya Inc. has announced the first phase of a remote maintenance and administration service designed to protect against unauthorized access to businesses' data communications systems that share a common infrastructure with LAN-connected IP telephony systems.

With the emergence of IP communications systems that operate on LANs, corporations are exposing themselves to new security risks. The new service, Avaya Enhanced Secure Remote Access Services, is designed to help give customers tighter control and tracking of any unauthorized attempts to remotely access their converged voice and data networks.

"With the emergence of new IP telephony communications systems, this new offer takes on the concerns of businesses who want to make sure all aspects of their network are secure," says Allan Sulkin, an analyst with Hackensack, N.J.-based TEQ-Consult Group.

With the Secure Remote Access solution, Avaya service professionals link the Secure Remote Access Service with on-premise equipment that sits behind a customer firewall, allowing the technicians to work through VPN tunnels to perform remote services within the parameters set by the customer, says Mehrdad Nadooshan, technical manager, Secure e-Service Networking Solutions, at Avaya Labs.

"In today's converged communications environment, knowing there is a secure way of remotely servicing traditional telephony systems that interact with other devices on the digital network where proprietary information may be stored gives a business peace of mind that the network is protected with the highest level of security," he says.

Customers who have an Avaya service agreement qual-ify for Enhanced Secure Remote Access Services. Service coverage hours are optional and include 24x7 coverage. Service can be provided for as few as 15 LAN systems and as many as 50 or more. The Secure Remote Access Service will be available initially in the United States and Canada. Pricing is dependent on the number of systems that are supported under an Avaya services agreement.

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