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AOL says report is meaningless

by Nikola Strahija on June 18th, 2005 AOL has described a report which brands it as running the most zombie-infected network on the internet as "meaningless" because it fails to take into account its large user base.

Security firm Prolexic reports that AOL was the biggest single source of DDoS attacks over the last six months, accounting for 11.3 per cent of attacks in the US and 5.3 per cent worldwide.

But AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein argues that its 21.7m US members meant it had 40 per cent of the US market, so figures from Prolexic that 11 per cent of hostile attacks monitored in the US can be traced back to AOL's network meant the ISP had a lower than industry average infection rate.

Barrett Lyon, CTO of Prolexic, conceded that AOL had a point. -Our figures didn't take into account per-capita user base but regardless more computers on AOL are attacking online sites than from any other network. Just because a home user subscribes to a reputable brand doesn’t mean they’re safe from the online criminal fraternity.’

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