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Another Cisco security hole

by Nikola Strahija on September 11th, 2005 Cisco has warned that its IOS router operating system software is vulnerable to another serious security flaw, affecting the authentication system for FTP and telnet connections. The flaw could allow attackers to take over or repeatedly crash devices running the widely used operating system.

The problem affects the Cisco IOS Firewall Authentication Proxy for FTP and/or Telnet Sessions, a feature allowing administrators to set security profiles for individual users logging on to network services via FTP or telnet. The software is vulnerable to buffer overflow when a user remotely creates a TCP connection to an affected IOS device.

-Successful exploitation of the vulnerability on Cisco IOS may result in a reload of the device or execution of arbitrary code, Cisco said in its advisory. -Repeated exploitation could result in a sustained DoS attack or execution of arbitrary code on Cisco IOS devices.’

Devices aren't affected if they don't have the Firewall Authentication Proxy for FTP and/or Telnet configured; administrators can get around the problem by instead deploying authentication services for HTTP and HTTPS, Cisco said.

Affected versions include IOS 12.2ZH, IOS 12.2ZL, IOS 12.3, IOS 12.3T, IOS 12.4 and IOS 12.4T. IOS versions that have been confirmed not to be vulnerable include IOS XR and IOS versions 12.2 and earlier, including 12.0S, Cisco said. It made patches available on its website, giving details in its advisory.

Users can also mitigate the threat by blocking external access to affected devices, Symantec said in a public advisory. FrSIRT gave the flaw a "critical" rating, its most serious.

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