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Air Force to test biometric security

by Phiber on August 31st, 2001 The Air Force will soon begin testing three types of biometric applications for greater security in daily operations, with partial funding from the Defense Department.

Frankie Sorrell, the Air Force biometrics program manager, said the 16th Air Force in Aviano, Italy, and the Air Intelligence Agency and the Cryptologic Systems Group, both in San Antonio, are taking what she called a "quick look" at the systems.

Sorrell said the systems to be tested use iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, and hand and face geometries for access to classified as well as unclassified computer systems.

"It will make things more secure and [be] a faster way of doing things," she said.

After the 60- to 90-day tests, the Air Force will decide whether to acquire the equipment. Sorrell said the Air Force test groups also will help other Defense agencies assess whether biometric security is suitable for their needs.


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