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ActiveX crashes IE

by Nikola Strahija on July 6th, 2005 Microsoft has released software that can be used to repair a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer. The bug, which concerns the way IE handles ActiveX components, can cause the browser to crash and could be used by an attacker to run unauthorised software on the IE user's machine, according to Microsoft.

The company has released software that in the registry disables a file called Javaprxy.dll, which is used to run these components in IE. The Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, according to Microsoft, uses this file.

Microsoft has not yet decided whether it will release a software patch that would fix the underlying problem, a spokeswoman for Microsoft's public relations agency said. -The workaround that they've offered here doesn't fix the underlying vulnerability, but it removes the functionality, she said.

Danish security company Secunia gave the vulnerability its most serious rating, calling it "extremely critical."

The software vendor does not yet know of any software that has exploited the bug, the Microsoft spokeswoman said Tuesday.

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