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A New Firewall

by ivy on August 27th, 2001 A rosy forecast for the security-software market, a new firewall product and an industry partnership to combat distributed denial-of-service attacks were among the highlights in security last week.

The worldwide security software market jumped 33 percent in 2000 to $5.1 billion, according to market-research firm IDC. By 2005, the market will grow to more than $14 billion in revenue, IDC predicts.

The firm says it expects security authentication, authorization and administration products to be the largest and fastest-growing segment of the security software market, growing to more than $9.5 billion by 2005. Antivirus software also will be a strong player in the market due to the increase in wireless handheld devices, which opens up new avenues for virus writers to exploit, according to IDC.

• WatchGuard Technologies, Seattle, announced an addition to its Firebox III product line. The Firebox III Model 700 offers firewall and VPN protection along with remote centralized management capabilities for small businesses and branch offices. The product delivers throughput of more than 130 Mbps and supports up to 250 simultaneous authenticated users and up to 150 simultaneous connected branch offices or mobile user VPNs. The Firebox 700 includes the Firebox appliance, management software and a one-year subscription to WatchGuard's LiveSecurity Service. Suggested list price is $2,490.

• Interliant, Purchase, N.Y., unveiled its new INIT Remote Monitored Firewall, a 24x7 service designed to complement an organization's in-house security resources. The service provides ongoing monitoring of a customer's Check Point/Nokia firewall environment and provides utilization reports via a secure Web site. A 12-month contract costs $595 per month; a 24-month contract is $545 a month; and a 36-month contract costs $530 a month.

•Antivirus vendor Central Command, Medina, Ohio, issued an alert about a new worm called Win32.All3gro.A. While considered low-risk, the e-mail worm disguises itself as a free antivirus tool, apparently in an effort to spread itself along with the high number of tools circulating about Code Red and other worms, the company says.

• McAfee, a division of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Network Associates, says it's teaming up with three providers of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) solutions--Arbor Networks, Asta Networks, and Mazu Networks--to create a "comprehensive solution" to help enterprise service providers and Internet data centers combat DDoS attacks. The collaborative effort will produce a solution "that will not only identify when networks are under attack, but also whether systems are unknowingly participating in attacks against other sites," McAfee says.

• Microsoft released a security tool designed to help administrators secure Internet Information Server (IIS) Web servers and protect them from worms such as Code Red. The IIS Lockdown Tool is the third in a series of new security tools from Microsoft, as part of what the vendor says is its ongoing effort to make it easier for customers to manage the security of their systems. The IIS Lockdown Tool protects Web servers against most known IIS vulnerabilities even if patches haven't been applied, Microsoft says.

from: crn

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