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Home » Hacking News » 8000 websites defaced because of Lebanon war

8000 websites defaced because of Lebanon war

by Ivana Strahija on July 31st, 2006 Byond/XTech hacker group has defaced over 8000 websites to let people know that Israel aggression against Lebanon is exceeding all measures.

The Byond/XTech group has defaced websites by placing a photo of a child mutilated by bombing, and a note saying that the war has to end immediately. Among defaced websites were quite a few of American government, military and NASA, together with Microsoft and Berkley.

All 8000 websites (and counting) were hacked in only seven days, which brings to conclusion that the Byond/XTech group consists of many anti-war hackers ready to get their message out there. The sites were defaced mainly using well known vulnerabilities which can be plugged by applying a patch.

-The method in which the intrusion was carried out by Byond (based out of Chili) was through a leak in the SQL Injection that allowed them to enter the system and extracted user names, passwords and e-mails from the compromised machine, writes

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