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200 sites infected with the IE vuln code

by Ivana Strahija on March 27th, 2006 At least 200 legitimate web sites have been infected with a malicious code, which exploits the recent Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability, according to Security Fix.

Some of those sites have already served the purposes hackers intended and people who visited are suspected of having their computers infected. Although those users had updated anti-virus software, the IE bug was enough for wrongdoers to kidnap sensitive information from their computers.

Microsoft has very little to say or offer, apart from suggesting users to download Internet Explorer 7 beta 2, which is not vulnerable – or stable for that fact, or to keep on using their existing IE, but disable 'active scripting'. The software giant also issued a workaround advisory, telling you how to disable the active scripting, and advising you to visit the Windows Live Safety Center, where some new Microsoft scanners and security tools are available. The safety center will not work, of course, if you're using Mozilla Firefox, but it won't work with Internet Explorer 'active scripting' disabled either.

Also, if you disable active scripting, you might have problems with other websites too. Our suggestion would be to use Firefox, if not from now on, than at least until the patches for the IE's newest bug are available. Firefox is free, safe, fast and much less prone to being hacked.

Talking about patches, we must warn you of one other thing: Microsoft's experts don't intend to issue any before the patch Tuesday, April 11.

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