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Home » Hacking News » 'London bombing' Trojan released

'London bombing' Trojan released

by Nikola Strahija on July 9th, 2005 Virus writers have created a Trojan, which pretends to be London terrorist attack news footage.

Infected emails hiding the Trojan pose as a CNN Newsletter, which asks recipients to ‘See attachments for unique amateur video shots’.

If executed, the malicious attachment turns infected Windows PCs into spam zombies. Yet unnamed Trojan attempts to obtain a list of SMTP servers that the victim's machine is configured to use and starts to use these servers to send large volumes of unsolicited mail.

Email security firm MessageLabs has intercepted a handful of copies of the malware, so it's not widespread, but it does illustrate the depth virus writers are prepared to sink to in order to spread their wares.

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