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Home » Technical Papers» Dissecting the Dyre Loader » Introduction, Dyre Loader by Jason Reaves on December 31, 2015


The Dyre banking trojan has evolved significantly since it's emergence in June of 2014 and, while it was by no means considered simple for it0s time it has definitely grown in its capabilities. While some groups and bankers out there use more advanced techniques and tools any banking trojan has the goal of stealing enough information while utilizing enough tools in its arsenal to ultimately perform fraud against the institutions it is targeting. I would consider the Dyre of today to be among the more advanced forms of malware in the area of banking trojans. In this report we go through the loader used by Dyre, a loader is simply a program used to load various other things(code, other programs, DLLs, etc.).

Dyre Loader

The loader first performs a simple check on the number of processors in the system which appears to be targeting sandboxes(Figure ??). This check was added around April 2015.

Next the loader begins decrypting the dll and function names that it will need. Each step the loader takes will be outlined in this paper.

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