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Zero Days, the Story of Stuxnet

by Nikola Strahija on February 19th, 2016 In the new documentary by Alex Gibney, an Oscar-winning filmmaker the phenomenon of Stuxnet is explored. A super worm discovered in 2010 by security researchers had one goal - to infect Iran's nuclear program. However, the worm ended up spreading uncontrollably.

In the documentary debuting at Berlinale (Berlin film festival), insiders chronicle the development of an operation codenamed "Olympic Games" - a malware which can paralyse the infrastructure of entire states in a split second without leaving any trace of those responsible. This story of a source code that caused severe damage outside cyberspace becomes a cautionary tale about the dangers of unfettered technologies and uncontrolled political power.

Berlin Film Festival Alex Gibney - Zero Days Press Conference

According to the movie, Stuxnet was just one part of operation "Olympic Games" that is itself part of a wider effort dubbed "Nitro Zeus" that involves hundreds of US defence personnel. The film alleges that Nitro Zeus may also involve the government of Israel.

The documentary asserts that Stuxnet contained four exploits for zero day vulnerabilities and was designed for the Natanz facility using intelligence information supplied by Britain's GCHQ.

Zero Days map of Natanz attacked by Stuxnet

Reportedly, Israeli operatives were responsible for unleashing a more aggressive and noisier version of Stuxnet that infected thousands of computers across more than 115 countries and changed the world of warfare as we know it.

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