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Home » Hacking News » You can stop WGA from phoning home

You can stop WGA from phoning home

by Ivana Strahija on June 23rd, 2006 As The Register reported, there is a way to stop the sneaky Windows Genuine Advantage Tool from calling the Microsoft headquarters every time you reboot your computer.

Although the WGA tool was presented to users as a means of determining if the installed Windows OS was legitimate, some smart people discovered that the tool also phoned back home regularly, to let the Redmond crew know about your settings and many other things.

Some time after the Windows Genuine Advantage Tool was busted, the firewall testing internet company,, devised a way to stop the WGA spying. The counter-tool they've devise does not stop the validation of your Windows license, but it does stop the snooping around.

Curious enough, the Firewall Leak Tester site went down 'for maintenance' shortly after the news was posted.

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