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Yahoo sues former workers for stealing company data

by Ivana Strahija on March 2nd, 2006 Yahoo Inc. sued seven of its former employees on Monday. In the suit, the company alleges that those workers stole trade secrets to give to their new employers, the MForma Group Inc.

Yahoo also claims that MForma illegally raided its work force, plotting to steal Yahoo's technology developed for the Yahoo Web site. The company is asking the court to block MForma and all its former employees from using its intellectual property, and also wants unspecified damages.

MForma President Jonathan Sacks denied the allegations and said the suit is a weak attempt of Yahoo to stop its other employees taking well-paid high-tech jobs.

David Chang, Erik Pavelka, Michael Temkin, Thomas Dignan, Jeff Leung, Christopher Reid and James Liang are the employees named in the Yahoo lawsuit as the former employees who sold the company confidential information.

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