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Home » Hacking News » Yahoo spreading spyware?

Yahoo spreading spyware?

by Ivana Strahija on May 6th, 2006 One man has stood up against Yahoo and its alleged habit of spreading spyware with its ads.

Things are not looking good for Yahoo right now. From recent fraud exposure (boosting up clicks through Overture pay-per-click system) to the connection with a known adware vendor Direct Revenue, here comes another pain for Yahoo: a class-action lawsuit filed by Ben Edelman.

Edelman, a well known anti-spyware fighter, alleges in the lawsuit that Yahoo uses Overture for typo-squatting (a nasty practice to place adds on misspelled popular URLs) and for teaming with spyware vendors in order to carry through advertising fraud.

In the lawsuit Edelman also states that Yahoo places sites on inappropriate sites and does nothing when competitors click on each others ads.

Yahoo is determined to clear its name in court.

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