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World Cup virus kicks off

by Nikola Strahija on June 9th, 2002 As network managers prepare to tackle the onslaught of World Cup-related emails in between catching a few games, users are warned to be on the lookout for viral emails. A Visual Basic Script worm that uses the World Cup as bait has kicked off against unsuspecting fans.

Masquerading as an application for viewing match results, WorldCup spreads via email and the popular Internet Relay Chat application.

The virus appears to be a simple rewrite of the Chick virus, which claimed to be a collection of Britney Spears pictures. The virus cannot do any damage automatically, as a user has first to open the infected file.

WorldCup typically arrives in an email with the subject line: "RE: Korea Japan Results", while the text inside reads: "Takes a look at these results... Regards". The attached file that puts the boot in is called Koreajapan.chm.

When run, the user also has to fall for another security no-no and enable Active X controls at the prompt. The worm then launches its payload.

The virus only sends itself to the first entry in the address book, once per infected machine.

To cover its tracks, WorldCup displays a screen that claims to be an application for viewing match results, but does not in fact work.

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