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WLAN security improved in T-Mobile

by Nikola Strahija on October 5th, 2004 Users of T-Mobile are now authenticated through 802.1x security when logging on to US pubic Wi-Fi hotspots. The new protocol is supposed to make it harder for hackers to obtain legitimate users' names and passwords.

In addition, users' connections will now be encrypted.

Although the traditional method of web-based login system with an updated version of its own utility was favoured for a long time, because it didnít the user to walk through a complex set-up process at each hotspot, its vulnerabilities became to much of a security risk.

Essentially, the 802.1x client code negotiates access through a dedicated encrypted link to T-Mobile's authentication server. If the user enters the correct username and password, the server tells the local access point to issue a WPA key to the client and from then on data is encrypted and access to the Internet granted - all in a highly secure form.

In T-Mobile they are very optimistic: -CIOs across the country have been asking for enhanced security," said Joe Sims, VP and general manager of T-Mobile HotSpot. "The roll-out of 802.1x across our network will enable IT managers and business professionals to use T-Mobile hotspots as a more secure virtual extension of their corporate networks and offices.í

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