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Windows XP in your living room

by Nikola Strahija on January 9th, 2002 Microsoft will take yet another step down the consumer electronics path Monday with the demonstration of a custom version of Windows XP tuned to digital entertainment, says Joe Wilcox (CNet News).

At the Consumer Electronics Show, which begins late Monday in Las Vegas, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates will show off a prototype consumer interface for Windows XP, code-named Freestyle, according to the company.

The new interface is intended to turn PCs into home electronics or entertainment systems by offering direct access to the digital entertainment features of Windows XP.

Instead of the usual Windows desktop, Freestyle features a series of large buttons, visible from across a room, that in conjunction with a remote control can be used to launch a video, play a music file, access digital photos, watch and record TV programs, and view DVDs.

All of that digital content "is for the mass-market consumer but is really lost in the PC," said Jodie Cadieux, a marketing manager in Microsoft's eHome division, the 11-month-old unit tasked with using Windows XP to close the gap between consumer electronics devices and PCs.
While no launch date has been set, at least three PC makers--Hewlett-Packard, NEC and Samsung--are planning to develop products using Freestyle.

Gates is expected to show off Freestyle while also demonstrating Mira, a tablet-like device that acts as a bridge between PCs and televisions. Mira, now in development, will serve as a complementary product to a Freestyle-based PC and will deliver Internet content, serve as a portable game player in conjunction with Microsoft's Xbox video game console, and allow consumers to shop online, view program listings, and perform other tasks.

From CNet News by Joe Wilcox. (full article)

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