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Windows with anti-rootkit

by Nikola Strahija on November 17th, 2005 Microsoft Company is developing plans to secure 64-bit versions of Windows from dangerous malware such as rootkits.

According to Bob Muglia, high ranked in Windows server group, Microsoft had put in place a ‘patch guard’ on the Windows kernel, which would make it impossible to append code to the core of the OS while it was running.

Such a design would stop software such as rootkits from hitching into kernel software processes as a means to make themselves appear legitimate.

Current versions of Windows could not benefit from such an approach. -It is incredibly difficult to add that to 32 bit because there are a number of applications that take advantage of it in a valid way," Muglia said at the Microsoft IT Forum in Barcelona.

-When you do a platform transition like this, you can make those sorts of shifts, and kernel mode code has to be updated for 64 bit, anyway.’

Microsoft’s 64-bit Longhorn Server is expected to ship in 2007, with the 64-bit only Release 2 two years later.

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