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Windows updates spy on you

by Ivana Strahija on June 8th, 2006 Looking to lessen the piracy problem, Microsoft implemented Windows Genuine Advantage tool in its Automated Windows Updates. Well, there's a couple of things the software giant 'forgot' to mention.

According to The Register and Seattle PI, the Windows Genuine Advantage tool, found in Windows Updates, is much more of a spyware than users were informed of. You see, the product checks your system every day and, unknown to you, contacts Redmond headquarters each day to report if you're running pirated Windows.

Once users found this out, Microsoft officials begin to burry themselves even deeper, saying that the hush-hush daily report was a means of security switch, which would allow the company to quickly shut down the tool which is still in trial mode.

Although the part about checking the computer for pirated Windows is mentioned in licensing agreement, the daily call-up isn't.

Our question is: do you really want to give Microsoft the power to shut down applications and to snoop on your computer (God knows what other information the Redmond Big Brother is gathering)? If not, turn off Automatic updates and get your security patched elsewhere (there are great services such as windowsupdate-62ndc-com).

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