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Home » Hacking News » Windows 2000 SP4 re-released

Windows 2000 SP4 re-released

by Nikola Strahija on August 10th, 2005 Microsoft will re-release an update for Windows 2000 due to problems with the current version, the company has confirmed.

Microsoft has had several million downloads of the SP4 update rollup since its release at the end of June, but issues with "a small fraction of the download", has caused the software giant to adjust and re-issue it.

Some of those problems involve connecting to servers running Citrix and compatibility with third-party security software, according to a security advisory on Microsoft's website.

As a result, the company will post a new version of the update rollup soon, according to Peter Houston, senior director of servicing strategy for Microsoft. In the meantime, Microsoft will not remove the current SP4 update rollup from its Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update.

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