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Watch out for tax frauds

by Nikola Strahija on March 20th, 2006 As April 15, the deadline to fill federal taxes, approaches, security expert warn of phishing scams rise.

Websense security company has spotted a big rise in e-mail and url spoofing pshishing attacks, which target IRS. Many of the fraudulent sites are in fact located on servers outside US, the IRS also warned.

Internet security experts form Websense suspect phishers have set up this attacks in advance, and are waiting for full blow of the tax season. The IRS warned last week that it doesn't request: PIN numbers, passwords, credit card or bank accounts information. It also acknowledged the rise in tax phishing scams, with 12 phishing sites discovered recently.

Tax payers are warned not to click on urls in e-mails, but rather to write directly to their browser. IRS asks all users to report any suspicious phone calls, e-mails or urls.

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