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Vulnerability in Resin Webserver

by Phiber on February 16th, 2001 Resin 1.2.2 is a webserver available from and A vulnerability exists which allows a remote user to break out of the web root using relative paths (ie: '..', '...')....


Resin does in fact check that the requested path lies within the webroot,
but by inserting a backslash before any '..' or '...', it is possible
to defeat the check. The following URL demonstrates this vulnerability:



A fixed upgrade, 1.2.3, was released and is available at:

Vendor Status

Caucho Technology, Inc was notified via and
on Sunday, January 28, 2001. I would like to congratulate
Caucho for being the first cooperative vendor I have ever dealt with.

Posted by Joe Testa ( e-mail: [email protected] / AIM: LordSpankatron )

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