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Virus warning: Look out for Klez

by Nikola Strahija on April 28th, 2002 Anti-virus experts are warning UK businesses of an old worm said to be on its way back from Asia. The H variant of the Klez mass mailing worm was originally spotted back in October, and has now re-emerged in Asia and could be heading towards Europe and the US.

Other versions of Klez have featured time-activated payloads, which trigger the worm on a specific day of each month.
The H variant does not destroy any files, but installs code to make sure it will launch again. It spreads as an email attachment with various subject lines.

It also carries other viruses such as the Elkern virus, which it then drops once the attachment is executed.

Finnish security company F-secure said the H variant uses social engineering to help to spread it, as some emails carrying it masquerade as a virus alert.

F-secure has graded the virus as a medium risk. The anti-virus specialist said companies should update their virus defences and remain alert.

For more information about the worm see:

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