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Virus top ten: Guess what's still number one?

by Nikola Strahija on February 3rd, 2002 The top 10 is based on figures from anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky. The list shows the percentage of total infections attributed to each malicious program. Although not quite as impressive as Badtrans, which accounted for 65.6 per cent of total infections last month, Sircam is holding on doggedly to the number two spot - with 11.2 per cent.

Newcomer MyParty came in at number three with 4.1 per cent. However, this worm has a January cut off date and daily data from MessageLabs already shows it is dying a rapid death.

Alex Shipp, senior anti-virus technologist at MessageLabs, said: "Users without protection have no defence. Things have got to the stage where these viruses (BadtransII and Sircam) will never die. And they are mostly kept alive by unprotected home users."

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