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Virus-mania: how Microsoft gets off lightly

by Phiber on September 11th, 2001 During the recent state of heightened awareness induced by the Code Red virus, one central fact was overlooked in virtually reports - you could only be affected if you were running Windows.

And as Robert Cringely writes in his latest column, the forthcoming Windows XP is very likely to increase the frequency virus and worm attacks. So why is it that no-one is laying the blame for this at Microsoft's doors.

Cringley writes, "The wonder of all these Internet security problems is that they are continually labeled as "e-mail viruses" or "Internet worms," rather than the more correct designation of "Windows viruses" or "Microsoft Outlook viruses." It is to the credit of the Microsoft public relations team that Redmond has somehow escaped blame, because nearly all the data security problems of recent years have been Windows-specific, taking advantage of the glaring security loopholes that exist in these Microsoft products. If it were not for Microsoft's carefully worded user license agreement, which holds the company blameless for absolutely anything, they would probably have been awash in class action lawsuits by now."

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