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Veritas tests browser-based recovery tool

by Nikola Strahija on June 16th, 2005 Veritas is beta testing a browser-based data recovery tool designed to help users recover lost files themselves from backup copies.

Helpdesk technicians usually do the job, so the tool, named Panther, promises to reduce sysadmins' workload. It can be combined with other Veritas tools and used to track and organise e-mails, as well as to store acceptable-use polices, said Veritas’ strategic technical architect, Simon Elisha.

The company already has an e-mail archiving product, Enterprise Vault, its recent takeover of Symantec has provided it with anti-virus and anti-spam products. -We are certainly doing a lot of work to have a common log-on to our products, says Elisha. -We aim to make them operable through the same interface, so it makes sense to have them operate through the same engine where possible.’

Panther performs its continuous backup of files by recording changes to files every time they are saved. On recovery, these changes can be re-applied to reproduce the state of the file at arbitrary points in time.
Panther can back up and restore through a local office network or a WAN.

This allows backup versions of files to be saved to head office or to a disaster recovery site. However, Elisha does not see this being workable using the Internet to send data to an independently-run data centre.
Panther is mainly aimed at small-to-medium sized businesses which usually do not have a lot of specialist IT resources. Panther has no release date as yet.

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