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Home » Hacking News » VeriSign Calls Domain De-Listing 'The Right Thing To Do'

VeriSign Calls Domain De-Listing 'The Right Thing To Do'

by Majik on September 21st, 2001 Arguing that people shouldn't profit from the terrorist attacks that struck New York and Washington last Week, VeriSign on Tuesday de-listed several disaster-related Internet domains that were being offered to the public on one of its after-market sites.

"We just felt it was the right thing to do," VeriSign spokeswoman Cheryl Regan said today. "We're not going to allow further listings to go up related to the World Trade Center."

On Tuesday, a week after a pair of hijacked airliners destroyed the World Trade Center, VeriSign officials began noticing several listings for disaster-related Internet addresses on its wholly owned domain resale site

Site users were offering to sell, and several other names related to the disaster, Regan said.

VeriSign, which reserves the right to de-list auction items on, decided to prohibit any such profiteering now or in the future, Regan said. "Our opinion is that we don't think that someone should profit off of something as awful as that," she added.

Regan said that VeriSign would closely monitor new listings on the site, watching for terms and combinations of terms related to the disaster.

VeriSign, the world's oldest and largest seller of Internet addresses, bought last October.

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