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Home » Hacking News » USA Today swats hack attack - but not entirely

USA Today swats hack attack - but not entirely

by Nikola Strahija on July 13th, 2002 USA Today experienced a hacker attack last night, which took it out of service for three hours.The pub manfully 'fesses up in a front page piece here(, wherein it says normal service resumed around 2am US Eastern Time.

Um, up to a point, people. Unless the stolid scribes from AP have been smoking something, there currently remain at least two intruder-mangled stories on the site. One is what The Reg might class as a minor Flame of the Week (targets, Islam and France), with what appears to be a sig for the perpetrator attached. "The source of the intrusion was not immediately determined," says USA Today, but there's a clue for your IT gumshoes.
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