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Unpatched software a big threat

by Nikola Strahija on June 24th, 2006 As Bit9 puts it, unpatched legitimate popular software presents a much bigger security risk to networks than malware.

A couple of days ago, the computer security vendor Bit9 released a study showing that business networks usually don't update over 10 popular programs, which have serious security vulnerabilities in their former versions.

These programs are: Mozilla Firefox, Apple QuickTime and iTunes, Adobe Reader, Skype, Sun JRE, Macromedia Flash Player, AOL IM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, Kazaa p2p, ICQ chat, Sony DRM and Real Player.

-These popular software applications are frequently downloaded to corporate desktops and can present serious risks for enterprise computing environments, said Dr. Todd Brennan, co-founder and CTO at Bit9. -Understanding what software is actually running in your organization across your entire desktop environment is the first step in regaining application control and protecting your corporate infrastructure, ends Brennan's statement on the company's website.

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