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Unix and Linux have more bugs

by Nikola Strahija on January 7th, 2006 US-CERT and Secunia released research notes stating that Windows had less than half the number of flaws, vulnerabilities and bugs than the number found in Unix and Linux during the previous year. Although they had less flaws, Microsoft still managed to leave quite a few of them unpatched, while a standard Linux distribution had none.

The security organisation said a total of 5,198 vulnerabilities were reported, including 2,328 for Linux and Unix, or about 45 percent of the total. Windows was affected by 812 flaws, and a further 2,058 were cross-platform. The vulnerabilities include applications such as Web browsers and music players as well as operating system components.

The numbers are not so harsh when put to real situation. The thing is that Windows flaws caused much more security hazards, as well as panic, from the open source competitors. But, it is futile to compare Linux and Windows security at all. Besides the difference in market share, Windows is mainly used on the desktop while Linux is most popular on servers, presenting quite different security issues.

Several studies, some sponsored by Microsoft, have questioned Linux's security, but most such reports have been proven inaccurate. A report from Yankee Group last year showed that Linux is still seen as more secure than Windows.

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