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Home » Hacking News » U.S. Government Fears Digital Attacks from Russia And China: Cyber Warfare Scare

U.S. Government Fears Digital Attacks from Russia And China: Cyber Warfare Scare

by platon on July 10th, 2001 The United States Government is concerned that Russia and China are developing computer-based tools, with the potential to harm to the U.S. economy.

Top intelligence officials say that in the next five to ten years, only nation-states appear to have the discipline, commitment and resources to fully develop capabilities to attack critical infrastructures. Such arms will give future foes new leverage over the United States.

Cyber attacks would be the "next wave of military operations." There's more to it than Russia and China "fair number" had "active" programs, adding that most of his information on the subject was classified. The United States itself is working to integrate keyboard-launched attacks and network defense into "all military plans and operations.

"Computer network attack strategies are being developed through simulations and war-gaming to improve our understanding of the potential collateral effects associated with such actions.

CIA reports show that the US had lost ground in dealing with cyber threats. The Defense Department should be prepared if necessary to help protect networks of critical importance.

Although bombs still work better than bytes, there will be more substantial cyber threats in the future as a more technically competent generation enters the terrorist ranks.

Although the harm done by "hackers" is well publicized, they pose a negligible threat to national-level infrastructures like transportation grids or financial networks, partly because they lack the skill or motive to mount a sustained attack.

National cyber warfare programs are unique in posing a threat along the entire spectrum of objectives that might harm US interests.

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