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Trojan brings fake Google ads

by Nikola Strahija on January 1st, 2006 A new breed of Trojan is ravaging the net, producing fake Google ads, which look very much real. The ads appear to be part of regular Google AdSense. The Trojan infects the user's computer through a web page, and replaces the original ads with its own set of malicious ads.

Once the unsuspecting visitor clicks on the bogus ad he is redirected through three different sites, the final one consisting of nothing but ads.

This new Trojan was discovered by Raoul Bangera, a web publisher from India. He contacted Google immediately, emailing a number of cases, various screenshots and log files of an infected computer and system files as proof.

The AdSense team validated the news saying -We can confirm from the screenshots that these are fake Google ads, formatted to look like legitimate ads. We agree that this phenomenon is likely the result of malicious software installed on your computer.'

-There is a bug in the Trojan Horse which converts Google and Firefox referral graphic buttons into text links. Contrary to the normal Google ads, which have some correlation to the content on the web page, these malicious ads had no content that was remotely similar to the pages to which they had been attached, said Raoul Bangera. -Most of the ads were about gambling or adult content, which are banned categories in Google AdSense, clearly indicating a suspicious origin.'

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