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Top 10 viruses for 2001

by kobbra on December 4th, 2001 Company Sophos PLC released it's annual list of the top 10 viruses for 2001, with the Nimda worm taking honors as the most destructive worm or virus of the year.

Nimda accounted for 27 percent of all reports received by Sophos helpdesk during 2001, with the Sircam virus making up 20.3 percent of all reports for the year.
In it's report, Sophos uses the term "virus" to cover viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Nimda and Sircam made up almost half of all virus attacks reported to Sophos.
In general, there are about 40 new viruses a day, 1.200 every month, experts say.

In the third place was Magistr with 12 percent of all reported infections, followed by Hybris with 6.2 percent, Apology with 3.8 percent, VBSWG-X with 3.6 percent, Kakworm with 3.1 percent, SST-A with 2 percent, Badtrans with 1.8 and Navida rounded out the list at number 10 with 1.8 percent.
The remaining 18.2 percent of reported infections came from a variety of smaller viruses.

This year viruses will cause record damages to computer systems, but next year will be even worse, according to a recent report from IT consultants.

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