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Tiger in stores

by Nikola Strahija on May 2nd, 2005 Tiger, new Mac operating system, provides another incentive to switch from Windows. The idea is, as hard drive capacity grows and our digital universe broadens to include text, music, video, e-mail, pictures and everything else, information gets lost in the shuffle of folders scattered across gigabytes of hard drive.

Tiger is a built-in search tool that goes a long way toward relieving one of the biggest headaches that's plagued computers. Tiger, and it’s new search engine Spotlight, enables a new way of organization, called Smart Folders. Accessed by clicking small magnifying glass icon, search results fill in as you type keywords. Spotlight doesn't just search filenames, it also looks inside files - into a document's text, a picture caption or tags linked to a music file, all of this done with impressive speed.

Spotlight relies on an index that's created when it's first installed, and instead of having to scour an entire drive in search of something, it just looks it up in the database.

After the initial index is built in Tiger, changes are made to it whenever a file is changed, whether it's saved, deleted, moved or modified in another way. And there's more. Searches can be saved and the results turned into folders that run a query each time they're opened, fine-tuned to display only certain types of files. Time variables can also be set.

Spotlight only searches for files on the local computer, not networked hard drives or remote shared folders.

Tiger, like previous versions of Mac OS X, also sets the bar high in the graphics display area. With Apple's iSight camera ($149) and Tiger's new built-in iChat AV program, you can set up and participate in video conferences with 10 people. Of course, it's impossible to judge how Tiger will compare with the next-generation of Windows, since Longhorn isn't available. Both Apple and Microsoft are trying to address the same problems: sifting more quickly through more and more data.

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