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Thousand of identities ready for purchase

by Nikola Strahija on May 11th, 2006 Security researchers discovered a US server containing thousands of stolen identities, sorted into categories and offered for sale, probably obtained by a Trojan-Phisher-Rebery.

Webroot Software spyware specialists discovered in April a large 'bank' of stolen identities sitting on a server positioned in New York. Identities come from 125 countries and are neatly organized into folders, containing names, social security numbers, phone numbers, usernames and passwords.

The problem was discovered by a security expert Dan Para. He believes that identities were stolen using a new Trojan dubbed Trojan-Phisher-Rebery, installed in drive-by-downloads from an infected porn site

The company has notified the FBI about their find, but the perpetrator has still not been caught. Meanwhile the Trojan is still on the loose and Webroot Software suspects that more than 12 thousand systems are already infected.

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