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Home » Hacking News » Taiwan caputered first local trojan writer

Taiwan caputered first local trojan writer

by Phiber on January 9th, 2001 Taiwanese police passed a cybercrime milestone last week when they arrested a local student for writing and spreading the island's first trojan. The student, identified as Chiu, a.k.a., Birdman, concealed his progeny, dubbed BirdSPY, in at least 1,000 pirated program CDs. Chiu sold each CD for US$30. In addition to providing a backdoor to infected computers, BirdSPY functions as a metatrojan by infecting hackers who attempt to exploit BirdSPY for their own nefarious purposes. Chiu maintains that he has not used BirdSPY to gain access to infected systems.Taiwanese authorities have asked Chiu to develop a program that detects and removes BirdSPY from infected systems.

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