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Suing Microsoft

by Ivana Strahija on June 29th, 2006 One PC user is suing Microsoft Company on premises of Windows Genuine Advantage breaking the spyware laws.

Brian Johnson, a resident of Los Angeles, alleges that Microsoft did not disclose all the details about WGA tool when it was downloaded to users computers. -Microsoft effectively installed the WGA software on consumers' systems without providing consumers any opportunity to make an informed choice about that software, says Johnson.

The Microsoft company and its spokesperson commented the lawsuit as baseless, stating in short that Microsoft WGA is far from spyware.

Well, it seems to us that the MS Redmond lot should revise their basic computer literacy if they don't understand that any tool designed to collect information about users and their computers and than transfer it without explicit user consent, moreover doing it secretly and on regular basis, is in fact spyware.

Go Johnson!

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