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Spammer hit hard

by Nikola Strahija on January 5th, 2006 A spammer from Florida, charged for sending huge volumes of spam, has been fined by a US district court with a sum so large it is the first one of that kind - $11.2 billion.

The lawsuit was filed almost two years ago by the owner of a small Iowa-based ISP, accusing James McCalla for sending out more than 280 million spam e-mails with return addresses pointing to CIS.

The judgement handed out just before Christmas prohibits McCalla from accessing the Internet for three years, in addition to fining him a nominal sum as punishment for every e-mail he is persumed to have sent.

The spam offered the services and products of a number of companies that CIS has also attempted to sue since 2003. A previous judgment had fined several of them $1 billion for being party to the spam operation.

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