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Home » Hacking News » South Korean suspected of sending 18 mil spams a day

South Korean suspected of sending 18 mil spams a day

by Nikola Strahija on May 21st, 2006 The South Korean loan spam king managed to send 18 million spam messages over his botnet per day

If you got an unsolicited e-mail purporting loans recently, chances are you're on the South Korean's spammer e-mail list. Thankfully, he's been stopped by the Korea Information Security Agency working with authorities on finding this malicious attacker.

The spammer is believed to have sent over 18 million spam e-mails per day over the last six months. His victims resided in 133 different countries. To achieve such a goal, he employed a botnet of over 16 thousand zombie computers.

Security experts find South Korea a land of opportunity for those making an illegal buck over the Internet. This is due to the country's well-developed Internet infrastructure.

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