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Sony XCP code under possible police investigation

by Nikola Strahija on November 9th, 2005 An Italian digital rights organisation ALCEI-EFI has filed a complaint against Sony, which could lead toward possible criminal charges.

The subject of the complaint is the controversial XCP copy protection software, which was recently discovered to cloak itself on users' computers and communicate with Sony servers over the Internet.

The complaint, filed to the Italian cyber crime squad, alleges that XCP violates a number of Italy's computer security laws by causing damage to users' systems and by acting in the same way as malicious software, according to Andrea Monti, chair of the ALCEI-EFI. -What Sony did qualifies as a criminal offence under Italian law, he said. If the police finds grounds for this complaints, Sony will be prosecuted.

XCP is used on the company's music titles and prohibits Windows users from making more than three copies of any protected CD. It has been widely criticised since it was revealed the software uses many of the same techniques as spyware and computer viruses to disguise its existence.

Computer Associates already reclassified Sony's software as spyware and will begin searching for and removing XCP with its anti-spyware software. Even the software patch released by Sony last week, designed to reveal the hidden digital rights management software, counts as spyware.

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