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Sony BMG long from over

by Nikola Strahija on January 17th, 2006 ShmooCon hacking conference held this weekend revealed one more interesting information: Hundreds of thousands of networks, including military and government, still contain PCs with the Sony BMG copy-protection software.

Security expert Dan Kaminsky claims that 350,000 networks, many of which belong to military and government, are still infected with Sony rootkit. -It is unquestionable that Sony's code has gotten into military and government networks, and not necessarily just U.S. military and government networks, Kaminsky said. The researcher would not say how many networks belonged to government or military top-level domains.

Kaminsky used a specific feature of domain-name system (DNS) servers for his research, sending DNS requests to the three million systems, asking each to look up whether an address used by the XCP software - in this case, - was in the systems' caches.

During his first survey, performed in November, he found 568,000 DNS servers had previously been asked to look up three different server addresses used by the XCP software. In his last survey, which lasted between December 15 and December 23, he found 350,000 servers had the unique address in their caches.

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