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Solaris dtmail Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

by phiber on July 25th, 2001 dtmail is a mail user agent (MUA) shipped as a part of Solaris CDE. It is installed setgid mail by default.
The vulnerability results because dtmail do not provide valid boundary check to certain environment variables, which allows an attacker to launch a buffer overflow attack.

In case that the MAIL environment variable is a over-length character string (for instance, longer than 1500 bytes), a stack buffer overflow would occur. The attacker could overwrite the returned address and run arbitrary code with mail group privilege.


Drop the sgid mail attribute of dtmail:
# chmod g-s /usr/dt/bin/dtmail

Patches and updates

Solaris 2.6 with the following patches is not affected:

SunOS 5.6 SPARC : 105338-27

SunOS 5.6 x86 : 105339-25

Solaris 7 with the following latest patches is still affected:

SunOS 5.7 SPARC : 107200-12

SunOS 5.7 x86 : 107201-12

Solaris 8 is not affected.

If your system is not on the list, download a patch.


Download it here.

NSFocus Security Advisory

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