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Small Trojan targets big business

by Nikola Strahija on July 19th, 2005 Over 120,000 emails containing a downloader Trojan named Small.bdq have been sent to a highly targeted group of UK businesses since 9.10pm on 15 July, security experts warned.

According to an email security company, the Trojan is distinguished by its targeting specific companies across Europe during 10-minute periods, probably using spammers' directory lists.

The targeted businesses vary in size and industry sector, and the attack is continuing into Monday morning.

The window of exposure before the first antivirus vendors issued a patch was 12 hours and 30 minutes, during which time an estimated 58,000 copies of the Trojan were sent out.

Subject lines vary and include: 'Security', 'Support', 'Update', 'Mail', 'Networking' and 'Security Update'.

The email claims to be from an individual's IT team warning that their system has been compromised and is distributing spam. It contains an attachment, a document to be confirmed. The attachment is a 2.8KB packed executable MEW file with the filename 'zam.exe'. The attachment is too small to replicate or cause any damage itself, but the executable downloads harmful content from a URL.

The effects of the Trojan have not yet been revealed but businesses should be aware that its purpose may well be to uncover sensitive corporate information, perhaps via a key-logging tool, experts suggest.

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