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Serious spyware declining

by Nikola Strahija on February 7th, 2006 Testing 20 million popular games, news and celebrity web sites, scientists at University of Washington found some interesting information.

Some of the study findings: more than 5 per cent of downloaded executable filer include spyware, one in 62 webs forces spyware on visitors and the greatest risk at catching spyware have the visitors of games and celebrity sites.

-For unsuspecting users, spyware has become the most 'popular' download on the Internet, said Hank Levy at the university's Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

The study also revealed some encouraging news: it seems that from May to October 2005 'drive-by' download spyware attacks declined for 93 per cent. Scientist presume this is because more people started using anti-spyware tools and patching systems regularly. One other factor here is a mass of lawsuits against spyware distributors.

Most of the remaining spyware will cause unwanted toolbars and pop-up ads, only a small number of such software will try to steal information from victim's computers.

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