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Selling malware

by Ivana Strahija on January 11th, 2006 On 01 February, Frame4 Security Systems will launch their Malware Distribution Project (MD:Pro) service, which will offer developers of security systems and anti-malware products a vast collection of downloadable malware from a secure and reliable source, exclusively for the purposes of analysis, testing, research and development.

The montly subscription to the service will cost from €1,000 a month, said Anthony Aykut of Frame4 Security Systems. He also mentioned Frame4 had more than 6,500 files in its system and predicts it might have 120,000 downloadable malware samples by the end of 2006. The samples come from a private collection and from a malware researcher, who wishes to remain anonymous. Frame4 claims many of the samples would be "undetectable" by anti-virus products.

Security experts doubt whether this service is going to be of any help. They stress out that anti-virus companies have long before started exchanging malware samples, in order to give everyone a fair chance at producing protection.

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