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Sasser suspect on trial in July

by Nikola Strahija on May 31st, 2005 Sven Jaschan, 19, who was arrested in the village of Waffensen, in northern Germany, on suspicion of writing and distributing the Sasser worm in May 2004 is facing a trial in July.

He later confessed to police that he was both the author of Sasser and the original author of the NetSky worm. Jaschan's trial, scheduled last week, is due to begin on 5 July in the juvenile court of the German town Verden.

Sasser is a network aware worm that exploited a well-known Microsoft vulnerability to infect thousands of systems in May 2004. AP reports that German prosecutors have picked three German city governments and a broadcaster whose systems were disrupted by Sasser as specimen victims in the prosecution against Jaschan.

These organisations were selected from the 143 plaintiffs with estimated damages of $157,000 who have contacted the authorities. Many others are yet unknown.

Jaschan was arrested after a tip-off to Microsoft from individuals, presumably Jaschan's former friends, who hoped to cash in through Microsoft's Anti-Virus Reward Program. Investigators questioned some Jaschan's mates on suspicion of assisting his virus writing activities but none have been charged.

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