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Safer search with a free service

by Ivana Strahija on May 16th, 2006 A new safer searching service has hit the web, joining the fast growing niche for such applications, especially after McAffes SiteAdvisor study showing the dangers of clicking on search results.

If you're worried about websites drive-by downloading and installing suspicious software to your computer, phishing and malware, you might find Scandoo free search scanner a relief. The service was developed by ScanSafe.

-We scan each and every one of your search results to see if there is anything malicious behind the links and then feed the security results back into your search page. Unfortunately, using a database lookup alone can't protect you with better or safer searches, and because database technology relies on updates you can't rely on its accuracy. That’s why Scandoo is designed to give you advanced warning – before you click – by scanning content in real-time. In addition we continually update our ratings based on your feedback and rely on our community of users to help protect each other, says the Scandoo site.

The service allows you to modify your security preferences, to set a family guardian, to ban all porn sites or the ones pro hate and discrimination.

Scandoo service is still in its Beta version, but the best thing about it is that it doesn't require any software downloading or installing. You simply type the keyword you're looking for, choose an engine to search it with and voila! The only downside is that Scandoo does not scan the sponsored search results too.

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