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by Nikola Strahija on January 1st, 2003 Several of SNP's readers alerted me to the defacements that were happening today over at the's web site. Once again hackers, crackers and other anti-RIAA folks gained control of the web site and started posting Press Releases on the web site. Fortunately the folks over at and others were quick and clever enough to grab a copies of the defacements...

Click here to read a sample of the Press Releases that were posted..." - WARNING PORN POSTED IN THIS ONE !

To the RIAA's credit they shut down the server quite quickly this time - but not quick enough for all the folks snapping captures of the defacement ;) But definitely they were a lot faster then the previous time where the defacement and uploaded music files were on their server for days before they finally figured out why their site was suddenly so popular.

- article available at -

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